• Arden Deathhowl

    Arden Deathhowl

    Rune Priest and Commander of the the ragtag band known as the Hounds of Russ
  • Commissar Byran Lanavat

    Commissar Byran Lanavat

    Commisar of the formitable Aegis Stom 905th Armored Division
  • Faeden Ironpaw

    Faeden Ironpaw

    Head Iron Priest and technological genius of the Hounds of Russ
  • Jon Skardin

    Jon Skardin

    Zealous inquisitor intent upon gaining proof necessary to force the inquisition to take seriously the obvious heresy of the Space Wolves of Fenris
  • Orion Anviljaw

    Orion Anviljaw

    Wolfguard and battle leader of the infamous Snow Angel Pack