Commissar "Madness" Madov


Commissar “Madness” Madov, the famous Ork-hunter, got his nickname from a brave tactical maneuver. During a fight against a horde of Orks, Commissar Madov and the Company Command Squad he was leading, boarded a Vendetta in an effort to bring more fire-power to the field. Simultaneously, a DakkaJet had taken to the skies. In a Grav-Chute-Insertion gone wrong, Madov ended up transported directly on top of the hatch of the DakkaJet. Seizing the opportunity he thrust his Power-Fist through the windscreen ripping out the pilots. Madov piloted the DakkaJet, turning its guns on the original owners. Following the fight, Madov brought the DakkaJet back to the Imperium as a trophy. He has since painted it green and continues to fly the primative machine in to many battles.


If only he could figure out a way to get that damn Ork face off so he could fit the Imperial Aquila in its place.

Commissar "Madness" Madov

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