The Inquisition—many have come to fear the mere mention of their name and the worlds that still burn from their judgment echo the validity of that fear. To some however this name holds a different meaning. Three times the Inquisition has attempted to meddle in the affairs of the Chapter World Fenris. Three times it has been turned back by the Sons of Russ. The Space Wolves of Fenris neither fear nor venerate those who adhere to the Inquisition. To them they are another enemy defeated by the valorous deeds of the Space Wolves.
This lack of fear and reverence has infuriated many an inquisitor in the ten thousand years the chapter has served the Emperor. The latest is one Jon Skardin, a high inquisitor with a bone to pick with the Wolves of Fenris. Lacking the power necessary to command another inquisitorial visit to the inhospitable world of Fenris, he hopes to find heresy amongst the packs of Space Wolves abroad in the universe. To this end he as caught scent of a band calling themselves the Hounds of Russ—an isolated group on hunt across the universe for their missing primarch Leman Russ.
Having commendeered the Astra Militarum’s Armor Division Aegis Storm 905th led by Commissar Byran Lanavat he chases the Hounds of Russ from system to system in search of the vengeful retribution upon the Space Wolves—for the glory of the Emperor.

Hunting Hounds of Russ

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