Hounds of Russ

The Rune Priest Argan Deathhowl was moved to tears as he listened to the tale of the ancient Bjorn Fell-handed. The long fang who sat beside him swore it had been over a century since Bjorn had last told this tale. Known by all—the Disappearance of Russ into the Eye of Terror—stirred in the young rune priest a desire to tear the galaxy apart in search of Russ. Thirteen such Great Hunts for Russ have been called in the chapter’s long history and at that moment Argan Deathhowl believed it was time for the fourteenth.

The next day he sought confirmation of his vision from Njal but did not receive it. It the weeks that followed he found himself again and again surrounded by the records of the previous great hunts. He was like a wolf with a bone—all things led him back to the search for Leman Russ. It was all he talked about and many blood claws from all companies joined him in longing to take to the stars.

It was a full year before the conspiracy of Deathhowl was addressed by the leadership of the Fang. Argan Death Howl was called before Ragnar Blackmane, Njal Stormcaller, and Logan Grimnar—the wolfking himself—to account for his actions. Moved by Deathhowl’s passion the young king Ragnar took up the rune priest’s cause.
“If Argan were a blood claw his passion to prove himself would have earned him a place among the skyclaws or swiftclaws. As he has already proven himself on dozens of battlefields as a competent battle leader ought his passion to be similarly rewarded?”
Argan later swore that these words of Ragnar caused the slightest hint of a smile to cross the great wolfking’s bearded face.

“Very well,” the wolfking nodded “you and your conspirators will be assigned to the Stardrake Strike Cruiser. You may maintain your search for the Allfather as long as she allows. When she can take you no further through the black between stars you will return to us with tales of your glorious deeds or not at all.”

The Stardrake was the most notoriously temperamental ship in the entire Battlefleet. In constant need of repairs, and only barely space-worthy, it has been the home of the Hounds of Russ for a half century. In all that time the Hounds of Russ remain undaunted in their search. They have seen many battles, and have become experts at repurposings captured wargear and battlefield resources to patch their dilapidated Star Cruiser and continue their search for Russ. This is made possible by the technopathic genius of Faeden Ironpaw and the resourcefulness of a greyhunter pack irreverently known as the Snow Angels. Without these two the Hounds of Russ would have been forced to return to Fenris without their primarch decades ago.

Hounds of Russ

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