Snow Angels Wolf Pack

At the best of times supplies, armaments and ammunition on the Stardrake are scarce. Only a decade into the search for their Primarch the Deathhowl was preparing to call off the search. Heavy losses guarding the evacuation of the imperial world of Despero Nine had yielded little in the way salvage and had nearly exhausted munitions and the Stardrake’s manufatorium was currently functioning at only 4% capacity. Without a resupply of parts armor and munitions, the search for Russ would come to an end.

At their darkest hour Stardrake’s long-range sensors picked the recovery beacon of dark angels company awaiting extraction. This was the day the Orion “Anviljaw” received his name. Donning one of the few functioning terminator armor’s in the armory and giving the coordinates to the wolf scouts he entered a drop pod with only four of his brothers and made planet fall.

Orion and his retinue strode fearlessly to the command center, a trail of dark angels lying unconscious in their wake.
“I am ”/characters/orion-anviljaw" class=“wiki-content-link”>Orion of the Hounds of Russ," he bellowed. “I have come to honor our primarchs and reenact the duel fought between them on their first meeting.”
Out of the command center strode a giant of a man even among space marines. He came within inches of Orion whose nose came only as high as the eagle of the emperor emblazoned on the enormous Dark Angel’s Armor.
“I am Dagen Helsmite,” he began but Orion cut him short—with an uppercut that sent Dagen reeling backward and onto his seat.
“That was for Russ,” Orion spat.

The clash that followed shook the planet and the moons of that world rose early to watch the duel. For six hours Orion endured a hundred blows that would have killed a lesser marine. Each time he fell he rose again; he would not give this dark angel giant the pleasure of felling a Space Wolf.
“Very well Dagen, I concede.” Orion finally said with a chuckle.
Over the roar of the dark angels’ cheers Dagen shouted to his opponent “that was quite a sucker punch you lead with.”
Orion smiled a bloody smile. “Wait till you feel the next one!”
Confused by the space wolf’s strange words he dismissed them as nonsense and basked in the admiration of his fellow angels. Orion and his retinue left without a word to the mocking jeers of the dark angels. They all smiled the smile of those who are about to laugh last.

During the duel Space Wolf Scouts infiltrated the site, hacked their security and reprogrammed every pod in the extraction base—armory, field munitions manufactorum, even the command center pod—to launch into orbit and dock with to the Stardrake. Before the cheers for Dagen had died down every single field pod at the extraction point sealed itself and launched itself into orbit of its own accord. The dark angel’s watched helplessly as every resource they had brought with them to this world was stolen from under their nose.

Back on the Stardrake the Hounds of Russ had watched the duel and cheered Orion Anviljaw until they were sure the Dark Angel’s had heard them. Orion was made a wolf guard by Deathhowl that same hour and given his own pack to lead. Amongst the spoil taken were eighteen suits of armor removed from the fallen of whatever campaign they awaited extraction from. Deathhowl ordered they be repaired and repainted in space wolf colors but that the insignias and regalia they were decorated with be kept in honor of the ‘donors’. He called Orion’s pack the Snow Angels which made Orion laugh so hard he is rumored to have broken a rib.

Snow Angels Wolf Pack

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